Blakely Steak Salad

My sister Blakely made this when we were visiting her one year and it has become a staple at our house. It’s not exactly ‘healthy’, but just keep telling yourself you are eating salad and you’ll be OK. Salad haters eat this salad. It has a great oil and vinegar feel to it, but the … More Blakely Steak Salad

Chinese Pork Chops

We usually butcher one or two pigs a year, and that means we have a lot of pork chops. I tried a bunch of different recipes, but this one stood out. The pork had just the right sweet and sour taste to really be memorable. Make sure you watch the temperature and pull them off … More Chinese Pork Chops

Sesame Chicken

This is a delicious recipe, almost restaurant-quality. It is also VERY messy when cooking. The frying takes a long time, so be prepared. It didn’t help that I was making a double recipe. And you’re going to get burned. These suckers pop when cooking. If you want to break it up, cut the chicken up … More Sesame Chicken

Dipping Sauces

This was originally a recipe for potstickers, but that one ended in disaster. I tried to make my own potsticker dough because the HEB doesn’t carry them any more. But I failed miserably and ended up cutting up wonton wrappers in a lame attempt at salvaging it all. It sorta worked, but I’m not doing … More Dipping Sauces

Slammin’ Salmon

I like salmon all different ways, and Erin makes a great blackened salmon. But this recipe really kills it, the salmon takes on a lot of flavor but you don’t lose the actual salmon taste. I think that makes sense. Anyway, if you have some hunks of salmon, go do this to them and serve … More Slammin’ Salmon

Korean Beef Bulgogi

This takes a little prep but is well worth the effort. I made this with skirt steak, but flank or ribeye would be good too. It was pretty amazing. Prepping the skirt steak took up most of the time, after that it was a really fast meal. When I got done with the meat I … More Korean Beef Bulgogi