Amazing Burger Buns

With all of this staying at home, I haven’t really tried anything new cooking-wise. I saw this video and we decided to give it a go. The result was amazing! The buns ended up being just the right texture, fluffy with a little crisp to them. The taste was slightly sweet, they remind me of … More Amazing Burger Buns

Nashville Hot Pork

We butcher a pig or two each year and one of my favorite things is the pork steaks. These are thin cutlets we cut from the big end of the hams and run them through a meat tenderizer. The best thing to do with them is fry them, so I went with a Nashville Hot … More Nashville Hot Pork

Daddy Chex Mix

As soon as we get done with Thanksgiving, it’s Chex mix time. I think I make a good 8 or 10 batches of this stuff between Thanksgiving and Christmas and it accounts for at least a few pounds of holiday bulk around here. I’ve modified the original recipe slightly. Time to prep: 10 minutes Time … More Daddy Chex Mix

Meal Planning

This week is a busy one so I don’t have any new recipes to try. But I do have something to share that has been helpful. We do monthly meal planning and it has removed a lot of guesswork around mealtime. … More Meal Planning

Beer Bread

This is a great and easy recipe. When you cook it, it makes the whole house smell amazing. I’m cooking it today as part of a beer bread stuffing recipe, hopefully it will be excellent. … More Beer Bread