Nashville Hot Pork

We butcher a pig or two each year and one of my favorite things is the pork steaks. These are thin cutlets we cut from the big end of the hams and run them through a meat tenderizer. The best thing to do with them is fry them, so I went with a Nashville Hot … More Nashville Hot Pork

Sesame Chicken

This is a delicious recipe, almost restaurant-quality. It is also VERY messy when cooking. The frying takes a long time, so be prepared. It didn’t help that I was making a double recipe. And you’re going to get burned. These suckers pop when cooking. If you want to break it up, cut the chicken up … More Sesame Chicken

Chicken Tiki Masala

This is an amazing recipe. But it is also very time consuming. Don’t do this on a weekday, make sure you have some time. At the end of it, you are going to have a very solid tiki masala. I brought this to work for my Indian friend to taste, and he signed off on … More Chicken Tiki Masala

Garlic Naan

Unless you have a tandoori oven, you’re not going to get 100% perfect with your naan. But cast iron will get you close. This isn’t the easiest thing to make, but if you are making some solid Indian food, you should at least try this out. It’s a great compliment to the food. Time to … More Garlic Naan